How to rip DVD subtitles to .srt

by burniso on August 29, 2008

guess you’ll agree with me that most DVD ripping tools out there handle
video and audio pretty well but unfortunately just do not manage
subtitles that good at all. They either “burn” the subtitles on the
video which means you cannot turn them off or create .sub files. In the
other hand, .srt subtitles is much more handy than any of the choices
above. It’s plain text, so it is small sized and can be formated by the
player to the liking of the user. Also it is very easy to merge in
containers like mkv so that you can have video, audio and subtitles in
one file.

So the best solution is to create the video file using
the DVD rip program of your choice and then rip the subtitles using
something else. In this guide we will use one of the most popular
programs that can do this task, SubRip.

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