How to rip a CD to Mp3 using Audiograbber and Lame Encoder

by burniso on December 15, 2005

This guide will help you create
Mp3s from your audio CDs, using freeware tool Audiograbber. Actually Audiograbber is
just a ripper, and for the Mp3 encoding we are going to use Lame Mp3 Encoder,
which is also freeware, but as shown by many benchmarks is also the best
Mp3 encoder around in quality. First of all download Audiograbber and
Lame encoder here. Then place lame_enc.dll file in the
source directory of Audiograbber, and run

First of all click
settings button in order to bring up the settings window.

Here there are
some settings that need to be made. First of all set the target directory
(1) that you want to store the files in. Then select what you want to
include in the filename (2) and any subdirectories you want the program
to automatically create (3). Finally select the CDROM you want to use
(4) and set a RAM buffer in the half of your RAM (5) and click OK.

After that click the Mp3 button so that we can set some Mp3

Here you can select
the rip method, the Direct rip and encode is the best one, as it takes
the less time (1). Then make sure you select the latest LameEnc (2) –
have a look at the date to be sure that you don’t have a really old one.
At bitrate, 128kbps is the normal CD quality audio. 192kbps will get
you a better quality file but will take more space. Of course if you
want to use the Mp3s in a mobile Mp3 player you can use something like
96kbps in order to save space. At quality (4) set high. It will take
longer, but the quality will be improved. Finally click OK.

If you are connected to the
internet you can click the Freedb button to get the title tracks and
save yourself from writing them. This works with 99% of the commercial

This should be your window after
all that. Checking the box next to the songs allow you to select which
ones to rip. Also if you have a complilation disc select the right checkbox
to make sure the filenames are displayed correctly. Finally click the Grab

This is the final
screen, there are some more options here, most of them are obvious. If
you click the hand icon, you player will open with a playlist that will
contains the songs you rip, so that you can rip and listen to your music.

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