How to copy a DVD-9 using CloneDVD (Old Version)

by burniso on September 25, 2004

This guide is here to help you copying
a DVD with CloneDVD. CloneDVD is a tool that will let you copy and compress
your movie to the hard disk and then burn it. Also it’s the only program
that can let you keep the menus even if you do not select some of the extras.
It is fast and the video that has been compressed has very good quality.
Unfortunately CloneDVD cannot unlock copy-protected discs, so if you want
to copy this kind of discs (and you are legally allowed to of course) you’ll
have to use AnyDVD together so that you remove the protection.
Generally CloneDVD is very stable and I could say that it’s my favourite
DVD copy program and the one that I use most of the time.
CloneDVD is updated to version 2, have a look in the new guide here!

But let’s start the guide now!

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