How to convert DivX/XviD to DVD using D.I.K.O.

by burniso on September 25, 2004

D.I.K.O. is a freeware AVI to DVD
converter which is available for a while, but because of some bugs and problems,
we had no guide about it. The latest versions, except a very nice new GUI,
also fixed most of the problem, so now D.I.K.O. can be considered as a completely
free AVI To DVD converter which works and is updates regulary.
You can download the latest version here. You’ll also need AVISynth, which
is included in D.I.K.O. install file. It’s also a good idea to have DVD
installed so that you can automatically burn the DVD. Also if you want to
add subtitles to your movies you should install Subtitle
. Make sure
you have everything installed and let’s start the guide!

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