How to convert all video formats to DVD using dvdSanta

by burniso on September 25, 2004

I had tried dvdSanta when it was
still in version 2 and I must say that I was not excited at all. That changed
when I gave v3 of dvdSanta a try! dvdSanta takes care of your converting
needs, as you can now easily convert your DivX / XviD and any other formats
to DVD using only one application. Everything is very simple as dvdSanta
encodes the files directly to VOB files and then authors the DVD, so all
you have
to do then is to burn (again with dvdSanta!). That saves you the hassle and
the time you need to use an encoding application, then an authoring program
to create the DVD files and then another program to burn, as dvdSanta takes
care all these at once!
The MPEG2 encoder is pretty good, as the quality was similar to the TMPGEnc
one when running in 1-pass mode. But the speed was better as it took me only
1 and a half hour to have the DVD ready, when in other case you need 2-3
hours to encode then almost another hour to author and then burn. The encoder
is very fast, maybe not as fast as WinAVI‘s one, but this one offers better
quality. Also the burning engine worked OK.
Besides all that dvdSanta has more features we will explore in future guide
like, creating DVDs straight from your DV camera and creating a slide show
DVD from your pictures.
You can download a trial version of dvdSanta here.
If you wish to
buy a serial you can do it here.
So, grab the trial, install and let’s
the guide!

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