How to capture video from your DV camera and convert to DVD

by burniso on September 25, 2004

This guide will help you capture the video from your DV camera and convert it to DVD. What you need, except of course your DV camera and a DVD burner, is a firewire (IEEE 1394) port in you PC. Maybe you have a port like on your motherboard, if not, you need to get an add-on PCI card, which is not very expensive. Also you need a Firewire cable. This may be included with your camera, if not you’ll have to buy one. After you have all these, connect your DV camera with your PC (it’s plug and play, no need for restart, just like USB) and wait until windows recognise it. Normally you will need no drivers for the camera. When you are sure that everything works OK, we can start this guide.

If you have any problems with loading of the DV files download and install a DV codec from here. I suggest you do it even if you have no problems. Just unpack, right-click on the INF file and select install.

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