How to Burn Wii Games

by burniso on July 15, 2009

Before you even enter this, it’s update yourself on the the laws of copyright in your area. In many places, it’s legal burning Wii games, as long as you own the original, which the copies are for the personal use only, IE as backups. This is the most typical law, but please look it over in your area the same – there are no Wiis in jail, so you don’t really want to wind up there right?

First of all, it’s not possible to complete any copying or anything with the Wii itself, so you’ll need to use your pc, and you will need to have a specific kind of DVD Drive in order to get it working. You need the LG-816 series, most notably 8161b, 8162b or 8163b. There is lots of information about these on the internet, so perform a quick search if you need to, so if you’re having trouble finding the drives you need to burn Wii games, check Ebay, you can usually get them there.

You need to make an image from the disc before you can burn Wii games, so in addition to the DVD drive, you will need to install some software Framework 2., and Raw Dump 2.

The first thing you must do to burn Wii games is to place the game you want to burn inside your LG dvd drive. Once it’s in, open the Raw Dump file (should have been created after installation) and double click on the rawdump.exe file to get the rawdump program fired up.

Once rawdump opens, you will get a dialog box. Click the button that says Start Dump, and you will soon be ready to lose Wii games. The next the main process is largely about patience. Due to the the file sizes on a DVD, you will need to wait quite a while for that dump to finish. Waiting time will vary because of computer spec and hardware etc, but it can be between 1 hour and about 5 hours, if you have a sluggish computer.

Once it’s finished, you should notice a new file in the rawdump folder, an ISO file, with the same name as whatever game you copied. An ISO file is simply an ideal image of what was previously on a disc. You’ll get familiar with these files if you intend burning Wii games as a habit.

The last two parts of the procedure are probably the simplest thing you need to do whenever you burn Wii games. To begin with, once the dump finishes, right click on the new file and choose Properties. What you are looking for this is actually the size of the file. ALL Wii game ISOs are 4.7 Gb in size, which is the same size as a blank DVD, so you can observe that the image dump has picked up everything. Anything different from this and you will need to begin again, as it’s not possible burning Wii games if the ISOs are the wrong size!

Once you have the correct size, all you need to do to do the actual burning of your Wii games is to get your selected burning software, start a new project, and instruct it to burn the ISO image onto a brand new blank DVD. This part can be a little finicky, and if you use poor discs you’ll find you have problems with unreadable games etc.

In order to have fun with the Wii games that you burned, you will either need to get your Wii fitted with a modchip, or use one of several softmod modifications. Tutorials for these two can easily be located on the net.

As you’ve seen, if you’ve an urge to burn Wii games, it can be done, but be aware of local laws and regulations.

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