How to burn an audio CD using Nero Burning ROM

by burniso on December 15, 2005

So,we have shown you the basic steps to extract files from an AudioCD. Most
of you have already an MP3,WAV,or WMA collection on their hard disks. Now,what
if you want to create an AudioCD to enjoy some of your music files somewhere
apart from a PC or another MP3 supporting device?
Here is the guide you need to follow.We are going to go through this progress
step-by-step,using the most popular burning program today, Nero Burning ROM.The
version we are going to show on the shots is 6.0,- and supports the formats
.mp3,.wav,.wma- but this procedure can be done with any version of Nero.

Let’s get started:

By starting the program, the “New Compilation” dialogue box should automatically
appear. Make sure “CD” is selected, and click on “AudioCD”. Several
Options will appear:

In this menu,you can edit information on your AudioCD.
If you wish to fill in the boxes,the “Write CD TEXT on CD” option
will have to be enabled. It is not so important to enter CD TEXT, because
few cd-players support displaying it. I usually skip this step. Lets move to the “Burn” tab.

burning procedure can be adjusted here:
– In the “Action” Part, “Write” should be enabled to burn a CD, and
it is also recommended to “Finalize the CD”.
– The write speed I’d recommend is 8x (1200 KB/s) or even 4x. Although most CD-Rs today
support up to 52x, when creating an audio CD, the lower the writing speed is, the
smaller the possibility that the disc won’t play in some (mostly old) players is. This is due to the fact that most CD-Players
are not totally compatible with AudioCDs written using a high speed and
little problems will definatelly appear (eg CD’s “jump”, little
annoying noises heard, etc).
– Strongly recommended write method for what we are planning to do is the “disc-at-once”, and
should normally be supported by all types of machines.
– Finally,select the number of copies you wish to make and of course, if your CD-R supports BURN-proof,enable
it for a safer burning!!!

– After you’ve
conginfured everything,its time to select the files you want to burn
on the audio CD. From the File Browser ,find the folder you wish, open
it, and the track names should appear on the list on the right. Select the
tracks and move them by a simple drag-and-drop to the list below.

Note that you cannot drag-and-drop
a closed folder, because it confuses Nero. This is the form the audio CD will
have .It is possible to change the order of the tracks here. Watch the bar
on the bottom of the window. It should not get much further than the yellow
Ready? Move to the taskbar above
and click on the button with the match (9th from the left) to start the burn!

If you have further questions about recordable CDs compatibility, advanced burning options, etc, feel free to ask in our forums!

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