How to backup DVD discs

by burniso on November 11, 2008

Making backup copies of the DVD’s is relatively simple with the right software program, but finding the right software program can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re searching for. In this article, I’m going to describe the choices available to you, and also the limitations of each. Prior to starting, please note that whilst making backup copies of your own DVD’s is usually interpreted to be lawful per the accepted meaning of fair use, it has in no way been tested in legal courts. However, making DVD copies of something you don’t own is intellectual property thievery, so don’t do it!

Frequently, the material on Dvd and blu-ray movies is compressed, and therefore when it is “ripped” — the term accustomed to describe copying the content on the DVD into a electronic file format that can be saved on a computer — the file size is usually too large to fit on the single DVD. Another challenge is that most Dvd and blu-ray content is encrypted, therefore in order to tear it to your pc, you also need Dvd and blu-ray decryption software.

Your options are thus to compress the content on your computer just before burning it — the word for converting a file on your pc into a format that’s then able to be replicated onto a DVD — or reauthor the actual movie in some way. Reauthoring usually means stripping the DVD menu, or getting rid of features like subtitles, extra languages, and the like.

3 primary software choices are:

DVD Decryption Or Compression Software
This type of software program will not only decrypt a DVD, but will even enable you to reauthor the DVD, removing unneeded bits and pieces to fit on a single Dvd and blu-ray when burned. DVD Shrink is an example of this kind of software.

DVD Decryption Software program
This type of software program can decrypt the content of the DVD, but cannot shrink it. Therefore, the decrypted file usually consists of the primary movie title only, and never any of the selections or extra options. DVDFab is an example of this kind of software.

DVD Burning Software program
With both of the over types of software, you will simply be able to get the actual movie to your pc. To get it back to DVD format, burner is required. ImgBurn and Nero are examples of this kind of software.

All-within-One Copy Software program
This type of software program usually supports decryption, data compresion and reauthoring, and burning up all in one bundle. The disadvantage of this kind of software is that it is generally commercial. AnyDVD is a good example of this type of software program.

Notice: Remember that intellectual home laws vary from state to state, but in almost all nations, making copies of DVD’s you don’t own is actually illegal!

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