Hot to convert DivX/XviD to DVD MPEG2 using TMPGEnc

by burniso on September 26, 2004

This is the first one of two guides
that will help you to convert your DivX files to DVD discs. In this guide
you will learn how to convert your DivX AVI file to an MPEG2 DVD file using

Note here than the DVD you are going
to create depends at the quality of the DivX file. If you have a good quality
DivX file the result is going to be good. If not, do not except to get the
quality any better. Generally the DVD will have the same quality as your
source movie, do not except the quality to get any better. Also this guide
is for DivX files which contain Mp3 audio and not AC3 audio. With AC3 this
guide may also work, but I haven’t tested it yet (I simply do not have any
DivX videos with AC3 sound). The DivX files I use are 650-900kbps with Mp3
audio and resolution 640×480. Let’s start the guide.

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